Does All Home Warranty Companies Really Give You Warranty?


Is home warranty a good investment? Yes! Absolutely…

Availing home warranty services gives our appliances security and protection, availability of technical assistance and adequate coverage of the plan. In short, home warranty frees you from stress and all the worries in life. It gives you peace of mind everyday.

But then again, does all home warranty companies are really making you attain these benefits? Or it just brought so much frustration? There are some that will fail your expectations. Some of us might experience delayed response from the company before.

For that, we should learn from our mistakes. Match good investment with wise decision. Here’s what you have to look in a home warranty company that deserves your trust and loyalty:

  1. Company Profile



This is as important as your appliances. Answer the following question:

  • How long is this company running or operating their business?
  • Are they improving since they’ve started?

If both of the answer is yes, include this company on your list. Their profile speaks on how they can give you peace of mind.  

      2. Feedback / Reviews



Search online. These reviews or feedbacks reflect on the service they’ve provided to their current and past customers. No one will stay to something that gives you headache, right?

      3. Offered Services



Do their services are attainable, tested and proven?

      4. Qualifications



Do their home warranty plans match your needs? Check the services they are offering. Will their home warranty plans fitted to what your appliances have to? Does it fit to your budget, too? There are home warranty companies which provide great value of services in the most affordable costs. Look for them.

      5. Limitations



As you know their strengths, know the weaknesses too. Know what they can and cannot give in the contracts.

These five key points already helped a lot of home owners. Check this too in picking your home warranty company. You have to be wise in this decision. It is your investment that will suffer. Make the most out of your money.

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Home Warranty: Do You Really Need This?

In today’s business world wherein companies are into the most competitive competition of their products and services, is home warranty still a need? In order to build long-term relationships with customers, companies are making so much innovation to produce durable appliances. Various businesses are really taking effort in research, quality assurance and investing time and money.

With these guarantees, what is then the role of home warranty? Do you still need a home warranty?

Home warranty is an agreement that covers the repair or the replacement of many major home system components, appliances that typically breakdown over time.

The Role of Home Warranty:


  • Security and Protection


Admit it or not, no matter an appliance resilient is has expiration. Can you think of your home appliances long, long time ago that still functional today? Maybe there are some but mostly it broke down.

Home warranty plans gives you double security and protection of the appliances you’d put so much investment.


  • Technical Assistance


Yes, the company might say that their product is the best among in the market. But how about those times you need to call someone and ask about something technical about your appliance?

In home warranty plans, technical assistant is available.


  • Peace of Mind


Being secured with what you invest will really give stress-free and hassle-free life. So reduce headaches and have a peace of mind with all the aspects of you home appliances.

If a home warranty plan offers so many services to you, how much then is the cost?

We all think that great service means great cost. But not in home warranty. Be assured that with affordable price, you will get a great value of home warranty plans.

So what are waiting for? Sign up for a home warranty plan today. If you are thinking of a home warranty company that has already a proven and tested quality services, don’t hesitate to visit, Consumer Product Protection provides provide their customers with comprehensive, month-to-month protection plans at fixed, affordable monthly rates. You may also reach them in (855) 222-6337. They are more than happy to assist you anytime. So call or e-mail them now.

Home Warranty Services: Important Things You Should Know

Have you ever looked at your home’s components? Are they all performing efficiently and in good condition? Or, are they calling for repairs and inspection? When it comes to your home expenses, it’s a must that you know how well you can spend your hard-earned income.  As much as possible, it must not be wasted on unnecessary things. Plus, ways on how to save more from your income can be also considered. One effective way is to have home warranty services.

How important is it to get home warranty services?

What’s good in having home warranty services is that it covers repair costs of your home appliances such as HVAC system, electrical wirings, water heaters, plumbing, appliances, and other home systems. It’s also possible to purchase add-on coverage for the maintenance of some other items at home.

However, a home warranty will only shoulder repairs that happened due to the normal wear and tear process or based on the terms included in the coverage.

The Benefits of Getting Home Warranty Services

Guarantee. Any appliance in your home can unexpectedly incur damage. It can be broken or malfunction in times you least expect. It can be a big problem when that happens and you do not have money to pay for repairs. Your finances can be at risk. But if your appliances and home systems are covered under home warranty plans, that could be a great convenience.  Maintenance and repairs will be handled by the competent and licensed company, guaranteed!

Convenience. With home warranty services, you’ll have a hassle-free management of all maintenance issues. You can contact the technician or the maintenance personnel so they can do the job for you.

Warranty vs Insurance. It’s also important to note that a home warranty is different from an insurance policy. To be exact, a home warranty is a service plan. It usually has a service deductible, which can be charged per item replaced or repaired. The warranty also may necessitate the homeowner to utilize the service contractors that are specified under the plan. Most warranties are good for 12 months and may allow approved service providers to be required for maintenance calls.

Covered vs Not Included. A licensed home warranty company must be specific on explaining the homeowners the terms of the contract – especially with what are covered and those not included.  Consumer Product Protection gives lifetime coverage at a price which is affordable. To check more of the details, click here.

5 Tips on Choosing a Home Warranty Company

Your home is a place where you wanted everything and everyone secured and safe. However, there are instances that accidents happen. Appliances break, equipment malfunction, HVAC not working properly, and even damages caused by natural disasters – these are just some of the examples! Good thing today that there are companies who offer home protection services to ensure safety and efficiency at home. As a property owner, you need to consider contacting a home warranty company.

Home Warranty: What it is and how it Works?

A home warranty is a contract which covers repairs or replacement of appliances and other home systems due to failure, age, and damages. Kitchen appliances, plumbing, broken furnace, HVAC, electrical systems, and washers can be covered by a home warranty.

So, how does a home warranty work?

When one of your appliances failed to work, the first thing to do is call a qualified service technician to do the repairs. If the damage is due to age or conditions included in the terms of a home warranty, the technician will then do the repairs or replace the appliance with a new one for only the cost of your service call. This can definitely save you thousands of dollars instead of spending again for a new purchase.

That is why efficiency and quality are factors both imperative in choosing the appliances you will have at home.


Is Home Warranty a Good Investment?

A home warranty company can help you save money in case you need repairs covered by the terms and conditions of the warranty. In addition, a home with a warranty can avoid the difficulty in finding qualified contractors. Therefore, this can be a good investment for homeowners.

A home warranty insurance provided by a reliable company can provide a fund for major repairs required after the sale is complete. However, there are exclusions and deductibles that you need to be aware of. Just make sure that when you sign a warranty, it gives you the coverage you need.

Tips on Choosing a Home Warranty Insurance

  1. Choose a company licensed by your state. Trust and credibility is important when getting home warranty insurance. Therefore, you need to find a home warranty company that is licensed and adhering to the rules and regulations needed. Check the agency that issues the license to make sure there are no complaints against them or if there are issues with how they provide the warranty services.
  2. Find a policy that warrants the coverage you need at a reasonable price. It’s also important that warranty is different from insurance.  When dealing with an agency, make sure you’re aware of the fees included and the terms and conditions included.
  3. Be clear on what appliances and home systems are included on the warranty. Before you sign a warranty plan, check if the terms it includes your appliances such as HVAC system, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, and any other equipment that you think you can’t shoulder the repair fees.

    4. Find out how the company manage and handle claims.

Dealing with a home warranty company requires a clear and open communication. Typically, the provider will send the technicians to your house to check and do the repair jobs. If there are any issues you are concerned of, they must be open on receiving and handling your questions.

  1. Be sure to request the inclusion of a warranty. Read the whole contract and make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Ask the home warranty company what are included and excluded in the contract to avoid future issues.

Furthermore, checking reviews and testimonials online will give you an idea on how the company treat their clients.

Choosing the right Home Warranty Plan

Choosing the right plan and the perfect home warranty plans in is a tough decision to make. There are a lot companies today which are offering various warranty options. If you have are decided to get one for your home, check out our plans here. Consumer Product Protection is a top home warranty insurance company that offers services and plans to provide the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.