Is the Home Warranty Insurance You Get Worth It?

We wanted to be secured with everything we have. So, our investment matters, right? Where we put our money will always takes us to be wiser. But then, investing to home warranty insurance is an intelligent decision.

What is home warranty insurance?

A home warranty is an agreement between the homeowner and the warranty company that offers discounted repair and replacement service on the home’s major components, such as the air conditioning, furnace, plumbing and electrical systems. It may also cover appliances such as washers and dryers and refrigerators. Most plans have a basic option that provides all homeowners who purchase a policy with certain coverage. For any additional coverage, homeowners can purchase more components.

To be 100% sure that insurance you want to invest in is worth it, do the following:

  • Go over or review the policy

Check on what only certain components of your home for a specific period of time depending on the plan you purchase.

Never think that the policy will cover everything in your home. Review the plan you choose carefully.

  • Specific length of time of the policy

Take a look on the certain period of time when you can use the warranty to avoid being surprised whenever it will end.

  • The cost

The coverage plan of the warranty depends on its’ cost. Balance in your mind if the price is worth of what’s in the plan.

  • Check licensing

It is important that whatever we purchase, we know if it is licensed or not to avoid issues in the future.

  • Budget your money wisely

Your policy might really help you to avoid costly repairs but it doesn’t mean that you will not pay for service fees.

  • Think about the benefits

Try to weigh the benefits of having a warranty for your washing machine is more expensive than taking good care of it. The decision is still up to you.

And depending on your ability to do work on your own, having this policy will eliminate you having to break your back each time for a broken appliance.

  • Keep your eye on the prize

Purchasing a home warranty to coincide with the sale of your home could make your house more attractive buyers because it gives them an extended sense of comfort for those buyers that may not have cash to immediately start building a home repair fund.

Be insured in what you invest today. Our home is as important as our lives for it is a reflection of who we are.

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Benefits of Home Warranty Insurance (and why you should get one now)

If you’re a new homeowner, you might be wondering what a home warranty insurance is. You may already hear that this can help you a lot in taking care of your appliances and other systems at home. That’s why it’s a great advantage if you will get familiar with how it can benefit you in terms of saving money and home management. There are actually a lot of features to consider and even some circumstances when it comes to getting home warranty insurance. After all, no homeowner desires to live in a house not secured at all, right?
Briefly stated, a home warranty plan is a service contract prepared by the warranty company or an insurance company to fix and handle repairs to any home appliance covered. It’s a contract which offers protection and security through repairs or replacement of the appliances. Minor and major systems include laundry appliances, kitchen appliances, electrical systems, fireplaces, pools, well pumps, heating and cooling, water heaters, and more.

The Benefits of Home Warranty Insurance

Home warranty services give the homeowner/s the advantages of saving time and money, plus the kind of living that is safe and comfortable. Here is some detailed information on the benefits of home warranty insurance. These will give an idea on how home warranty insurance will serve a purpose for your home management.

Home Appliances are Secured and Protected

Sometimes, there are instances where troubles with your appliances can’t be stopped. That shouldn’t be ignored. When you’re in the middle of using your appliance and it’s broken, what will you do first? The first thing in mind will be to either send it to a repair shop or call a competent technician. But what if you’re in a tight budget or it’s the odd time of the month where money is not yet available?

That is the time having home warranty insurance makes sense. You’ll fret no more in having trouble with your appliances since an emergency assistance can be just a call away. Your home warranty company will assist in the repair and depending on the damage, can arrange a replacement for the appliance.

Availability of Technical Assistance

Since the home warranty company has their technicians available to attend homeowners’ concerns, it will be a big help to a stress-free appliance management. No more headaches on who to call whenever an appliance or systems at home get into trouble.

Adequate Coverage

It’s vital for both the homeowners and the home warranty insurance company to be apparent on the contract coverage. Commonly, the most important appliances are prioritized in the coverage. This, of course, helps prevent any homeowner to come to nothing during an emergency. Homeowners can be definitely confident that there’s a company who can aid in times of urgent situations.

It improves the selling value of the Home

A home aimed for selling will be more compelling and attract more buyer prospects if you have a home warranty. This will ensure that assets in the houses are protected and secured. Buyers get more interested to buy a home which can bring them fewer worries in the future.

How’s the payment method?

Basic coverage is usually comprehensive and additional features can be added. In case you’re decided to choose a home warranty insurance plan, then make sure to be guided by the expert.

Consumer Product Protection is committed to provide top-notch services when it comes to warranty service and claims execution. The warranty offered can change the way people view comprehensive protection service plans so that everyone can enjoy the benefits from affordable and quality claims.

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5 Tips on Choosing a Home Warranty Company

Your home is a place where you wanted everything and everyone secured and safe. However, there are instances that accidents happen. Appliances break, equipment malfunction, HVAC not working properly, and even damages caused by natural disasters – these are just some of the examples! Good thing today that there are companies who offer home protection services to ensure safety and efficiency at home. As a property owner, you need to consider contacting a home warranty company.

Home Warranty: What it is and how it Works?

A home warranty is a contract which covers repairs or replacement of appliances and other home systems due to failure, age, and damages. Kitchen appliances, plumbing, broken furnace, HVAC, electrical systems, and washers can be covered by a home warranty.

So, how does a home warranty work?

When one of your appliances failed to work, the first thing to do is call a qualified service technician to do the repairs. If the damage is due to age or conditions included in the terms of a home warranty, the technician will then do the repairs or replace the appliance with a new one for only the cost of your service call. This can definitely save you thousands of dollars instead of spending again for a new purchase.

That is why efficiency and quality are factors both imperative in choosing the appliances you will have at home.


Is Home Warranty a Good Investment?

A home warranty company can help you save money in case you need repairs covered by the terms and conditions of the warranty. In addition, a home with a warranty can avoid the difficulty in finding qualified contractors. Therefore, this can be a good investment for homeowners.

A home warranty insurance provided by a reliable company can provide a fund for major repairs required after the sale is complete. However, there are exclusions and deductibles that you need to be aware of. Just make sure that when you sign a warranty, it gives you the coverage you need.

Tips on Choosing a Home Warranty Insurance

  1. Choose a company licensed by your state. Trust and credibility is important when getting home warranty insurance. Therefore, you need to find a home warranty company that is licensed and adhering to the rules and regulations needed. Check the agency that issues the license to make sure there are no complaints against them or if there are issues with how they provide the warranty services.
  2. Find a policy that warrants the coverage you need at a reasonable price. It’s also important that warranty is different from insurance.  When dealing with an agency, make sure you’re aware of the fees included and the terms and conditions included.
  3. Be clear on what appliances and home systems are included on the warranty. Before you sign a warranty plan, check if the terms it includes your appliances such as HVAC system, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, and any other equipment that you think you can’t shoulder the repair fees.

    4. Find out how the company manage and handle claims.

Dealing with a home warranty company requires a clear and open communication. Typically, the provider will send the technicians to your house to check and do the repair jobs. If there are any issues you are concerned of, they must be open on receiving and handling your questions.

  1. Be sure to request the inclusion of a warranty. Read the whole contract and make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Ask the home warranty company what are included and excluded in the contract to avoid future issues.

Furthermore, checking reviews and testimonials online will give you an idea on how the company treat their clients.

Choosing the right Home Warranty Plan

Choosing the right plan and the perfect home warranty plans in is a tough decision to make. There are a lot companies today which are offering various warranty options. If you have are decided to get one for your home, check out our plans here. Consumer Product Protection is a top home warranty insurance company that offers services and plans to provide the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.